Leadership Ready™

Program Overview

Leadership Ready™ is a six-month leadership development program that positions emerging leaders to build and strengthen the foundational skills needed to embark on a leadership career.  Each module positions participants to work more effectively with others, handle increasing levels of responsibility, and take ownership of their leadership growth.

Program Outcomes

  • Distinguish themselves as credible, active contributors who achieve results
  • Raise their visibility and pursue future leadership opportunities
  • Regulate their language, emotions, and physical presence in challenging situations without jeopardizing team morale, their career or the company’s reputation
  • Confidently build strategic relationships in any setting, at any level
  • Position themselves in ways that increase their influence and gain cooperation from others

Program Components

  • Webinar Training: Introductory preparation and goal-setting webinar training
  • Classroom: Six days of facilitator-led implementation training to discuss the application of knowledge and share successes, challenges, and solutions within the group via interactive technology
  • Reading Assignments: Participants will be assigned carefully selected articles, books and videos/podcast
  • Small Group Coaching: Virtual group coaching once per month led by a certified Leadership Ready™ instructor to expound on learning points and monitor the progress of participants
  • Case Studies: Participants will examine real-life examples of leadership practices and the

Leadership Ready™ Core Competency Modules

  • Create a Leadership Career Plan
  • Perceive, Evaluate and Control Emotions
  • Become Organizationally Savvy
  • Prepare to Lead: Avoiding Career Sabotage
  • Building Strategic Alliances within Your Organization
  • Influencing Without Power and Titles
  • Making Better Decisions
  • Developing Leadership Confidence and Presence

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for employees who:

  • Desire to be promoted into a leadership position
  • Demonstrate some leadership capabilities but need guidance to reach their full potential
  • Have been identified as high potential
  • Are ready to work with a committed group of colleagues across their organization or industry for career growth

Company Benefits

  • Deepen the company’s leadership bench with committed candidates
  • Reduce leadership recruiting costs by promoting from within
  • Increase employee retention
  • Enhance the ability of high potentials to manage themselves and their future teams more effectively
  • Develop confident and influential future leaders who can positively affect company culture and the bottom line


All leadership sessions are led by certified Leadership Ready™ facilitators with decades of experience in the corporate and business sectors. They bring relevant experience in building and leading teams, solving problems, managing changing, and increasing performance.

Expectations of Participant’s Manager

  • Meet with participant at least once per month during program
  • Assist participant in developing goals for program as part of their performance appraisal
  • Support participant in their leadership development

Class Size

Minimum class size of 12 per program

Ready to Start

Contact us at info@workplacesuccess.com or 203-757.4103 and bring this program to your organization.

The complete Leadership Ready™ program includes the following:

  • Six days of facilitator-led classroom instruction
  • 4 virtual small group coaching sessions
  • Pre-program webinar
  • Final group project
  • Proprietary program material
  • Complete program implementation and management

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