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Leadership Training

How much are poor managers costing your organization? If, like more than 86% of businesses, you lack effective onboarding and leadership development programs, your organization is likely at significant risk.

Organizations that proactively invest in fundamental leadership training programs experience exceptional levels of morale, teamwork, and productivity. As a result, they position themselves as industry leaders, enjoy exceptional brand value, and experience exceptional levels of growth.

Workplace Success Group offers two comprehensive leadership development programs.

Leadership Ready™

Leadership Ready™ is a six-month leadership development program that helps emerging leaders to build and strengthen the foundational skills needed to embark on a leadership career. Each module positions participants to work more effectively with others, handle increasing levels of responsibility, and take ownership of their leadership growth.

Leadership Applied™

Leadership Applied is a six-month leadership program designed to help current and future leaders develop the skills needed to be results-oriented leaders invested in the development of their team and the success of the organization.

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