Diversity Strategic Planning  ]

Desktop Audit

The desktop audit will review the practices related to building and maintaining an organizational culture that values and promotes inclusiveness. It will establish a baseline that will identify the wins and gaps of past diversity and inclusion efforts and aid in the development of a future strategic diversity and inclusion plan.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way to gather information about how individuals think. Different from one-to-one interviews, focus groups bring individuals together to exchange anecdotes, gather ideas and respond to questions. This form of data collection enables a deeper exploration of individuals’ experiences and can be used to examine what they think and, more importantly, why they think that way. The group experience encourages participants to engage in conversation and share experiences in a way not often found in one-to-one interviews. This form of data collection will help to understand, in a much deeper way, the thoughts, behaviors and experiences of staff and leaders.

One-to-One Interviews

One-to-one interviews are favorable when bringing individuals together is not conducive. This form of data collection will enable WSG to gather thoughts and opinions of remote staff, gaining a more diverse perspective on the issues being studied. One-to-one interviews are also best used with staff who would otherwise not want to participate in a group discussion due to their comfort level. It is also a great way to capture the opinions of newer staff as they may often have a great perspective but can less participate in a focus group. Data from one-to-one interviews will provide a wide range of perspectives from a diverse group of staff.

Establish KPIs using Scorecard Templates

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the best way to ensure benchmarks and goals are met. They hold the staff and organization accountable and allow for pivoting when results are not being met. Scorecards can be used as a communication tool to engage staff in their progress. Scorecards can also be used as a marketing tool to promote diversity efforts and produce more traction.

Implementation and Accountability Support

Karen and her team will provide implementation and accountability support as you get started on your diversity initiatives. We use implementation and accountability toolkits and guide you as you begin. These toolkits ensure that your organization continues to develop a robust diversity initiative that focuses on the organization’s goals and meets or exceeds expectations.

Final Report

The final report will highlight themes and trends and offer recommendations on how to build and sustain a culture of inclusion as a strategic business imperative.