"Organizations that want to be relevant now must incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion in their growth strategy"

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Karen Hinds and her team of experts will partner with your organization to guide your leaders in creating the results that give your organization a competitive edge. Choose from our three packages outlined below or contact us for a customized solution.

Get the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

    Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

    EXPLORE the value that inclusion and diversity brings

    Up to 1 Day Experience

    Explore the connection between your growth objectives and the impact an inclusive culture will have on your engagement, creativity, innovation and ultimately your performance. Create a safe learning space for senior executive leaders to have frank, strategic discussions about inclusion, diversity and equity.

    The Board members of The Hospital for Special Care participated in Explore with Karen Hinds as they embarked on a new board recruitment strategy and a massive expansion of services to the autism community through a new wing at the hospital.

    "…practical strategies for growing beyond diversity to developing a culture of inclusion."
    L Hyatt, MSN, RN, Acting Chief Executive Officer,
    Connecticut Valley Hospital

    CATAPULT your strategic planning

    3 Month Engagement

    Accelerate the progress towards your inclusion goals while laying a solid foundation to increase engagement. Design your strategic plan and realize quick wins to build momentum towards your culture change.

    First Bank is a midwest bank with a 100-year family history of service to the community which prides itself on being a partner for the future. Karen Hinds was engaged to work with their senior leaders and new diversity council to help further delineate how the bank can become a true partner for the future in a rapidly changing diverse world.

    SHIFT from diversity management to an inclusive work culture

    9 Months to a Multi-Year Engagement

    Design an extraordinary workplace culture where behaviors, systems and processes align to transform your environment and your performance. Leverage the different talents, backgrounds, beliefs, learning capabilities and lifestyles to inform better decision making.

    Partnering with Webster Bank, Karen Hinds and her consultants at Workplace Success Group started the conversation with the executive team. The engagement progressed to a nationwide education campaign of 600 leaders across three states and then transitioned to a train-the-trainer model to reach the larger banking population. The Bank has launched a number of initiatives and programs with its systems and processes to continue the culture shift where employees are actively living in an inclusive culture.

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