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We facilitate the awkward and uncomfortable conversations around diversity and inclusion, cutting through the clutter, noise and fear to get to a place of clarity. We break down the topic in a thought-provoking, productive way that will have you and your team exploring how they can be part of a cultural shift that transforms your organization.

Diversity Awareness Workshop for Executives

This half-day session is designed for senior executives to increase awareness around the business case for integrating inclusion and diversity into the overall growth strategy of the organization. There is empirical evidence that shows the correlation between gender and ethnic diversity to the increased financial performance of an organization. Diversity encompasses more than gender and ethnicity, and every organization should be positioned to experience the profitability and value creation directly tied to fostering an environment that values and promotes inclusion and diversity.

The session will cover the following:

  •  What is inclusion?
  • What is diversity?
  • Understand the available buying power for inclusion and diversity
  • Benefits of inclusion and diversity
  • Examine the company’s vulnerability
  • Foundations to achieve inclusion and diversity results
  • Components of a strong inclusion and diversity strategy
  • The inclusion and diversity success process
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Review industry best practices
  • Examine why inclusion and diversity strategies fail

Duration: Half- Day

90-Day Consulting

We are available to work collaboratively with your team to explore the key areas and cocreate the strategies and initiatives that will increase awareness, ensure relevancy, and implement practical, sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world.