A Young Adult’s Guide to the Global Workplace (Paperback)


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A Young Adult's Guide to the Global Workplace is a practical guide for young adults across the world to learn the essential skills needed to strategically lay the foundation for a successful career in a global economy.

High school and college students as well as recent graduates will find that A Young Adult's Guide to the Global Workplace is a book they can grow with as topics include:

  • Creating a résumé that sells your skills
  • Preparing for a job interview in person or virtually
  • What to wear in a professional environment
  • The proper way to get and use references
  • Building your career network
  • Finding a mentor
  • How to be savvy and safe with social media
  • How to rebound after juvenile hall and jail
  • Must-read information on your paycheck, your employee rights and sexual harassment
  • Love's negative impact on your job and college
  • And much, much more…

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