Karen Hinds standing

Karen Hinds

Founder & CEO

Karen Hinds is a leadership and diversity and inclusion expert. She used her experience in building talent pipelines for financial services companies to launch her company over 20 years ago. Workplace Success Group is a strategic, talent development firm that works with organizations to cultivate and retain their next generation of leaders. Through her work with the Caribbean Development Bank and Dods Training from the United Kingdom, Karen has facilitated leadership programs with government leaders from 19 Caribbean and South American nations.

Karen was chosen as one of 65 recipients for the national Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship, a grant that enables recipients to pursue a yearlong independent study outside of the United States. The Fellowship was established by the children of Thomas J. Watson, a former Chairman, and CEO of IBM. Originally from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Karen left the island at age 15 with her parents and siblings to pursue educational opportunities in the United States. The transition to a new country, culture, and school made it imperative for Karen to learn how to quickly adapt to change, thrive as an outsider, and build strategic relationships. Karen regularly shares her experiences in her keynotes and workshops as she teaches on leadership, diversity, and inclusion, and adapting to change.

Since she grew up in the Caribbean, Karen enjoys going to the beach as well as running obstacle races and recently rekindled her passion for weight lifting as a hobby.

She is the author of 5 books and her most recent include Get Along, Get Ahead: 101 Courtesies for the New Workplace; Networking for a Better Position & More Profit; and A Young Adult’s Guide to the Global Workplace. She has been quoted in, featured in, or written articles for The Hartford Business Journal, The CIM Toronto Manager, The Boston Globe, Black Enterprise, Family Circle, to name a few. Karen is a frequent guest on radio, television and podcasts.