January 8, 12:00-12:30p.m EST


How do you function in your profession when you feel hurt and stressed by your work environment?  At some point, you may have experienced the bully boss or coworker, been demoted or was sideline with limited responsibility, troubled when you do not receive credit for your contribution.  How do you overcome the mental and emotional trauma caused in the workplace so you can regain your dignity, build your confidence and advance your career?

Dr.Ruby Brown, author of the book Professional Hurts, has conducted research on this topic and will share her insights.

Dr. Ruby Brown

Dr. Brown joined the MIND team in September 1997, serving in several strategic leadership positions including those of Director of Learning, Director of Human Resource Management and Communications, leading to her current role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a position she has held since 2005. The authority and influence of her office as CEO of MIND, has led her to serve and advance the interests of the public sector and allied stakeholder groups locally, regionally and internationally – via membership on several local and regional boards, professional networks/associations and as a presenter of works of scholarship and professional practice at a dynamic range of conferences, workshops and other special forums.

Dr. Brown’s management and leadership development have been honed by over thirty years of work with private and public sector organizations. Certified as a teacher and an Associate of the Canadian Institute of Bankers, Dr. Brown holds a BSc. Degree in Management Studies and Psychology from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, a M.Sc. degree in Training and Human Resource Management from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, and a PhD. in Leadership and Change with the Antioch University, USA.

Dr. Brown is committed to elevating and empowering the value of human resources and building the human resource capacity of the public sector, in pursuit of effecting good governance for the development of Caribbean societies.

Karen Hinds, CEO Workplace Success Group

Karen used her experience in building talent pipelines for financial services companies to launch her company 20 years ago. Workplace Success Group is a boutique strategic, talent development firm that works with organizations to cultivate and retain their next generation of leaders.

She is the author of 5 books and her most recent include Get Along, Get Ahead: 101 Courtesies for the New Workplace; Networking for a Better Position and More Profit; andA Young Adult’s Guide to the Global Workplace. She has been quoted in, featured in, or written articles for Black Enterprise, Family Circle, The Boston Globe, The Hartford Business Journal,and The CIM Toronto Manager, to name a few.  Karen has worked with companies like, Webster Bank, AmeriHealth Caritas, United Technologies, Duncaster Retirement Community and the Girl Scouts to name a few.

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