Embrace Uncomfortable Conversations and Lead through Listening

One of the most common questions we get from clients working through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives is, “How can we help our leaders and managers navigate difficult conversations with employees?” The misconception behind the question is that managers must have deep expertise on subjects such as racism, bias, trauma or any related topic, in…

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Rising Above Politics in the Workplace: Two Free Trainings

Do you have a plan in place to help your employees and teams rise above politics? It’s no secret that this year’s election process is amplifying tensions, which are further compounded by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and Black Lives Matter protests.  More than ever, organizational leaders will continue to be put to the test, and how…

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Beyond the Statement: Two New Upcoming Webinars

Today I want to pay homage to the people who have courageously and compassionately kept the conversation about racial inequalities going even when it was difficult, unpopular, or even unproductive. If that’s you—thank you! And if you are one who just entered the conversation, wanting to learn more, welcome! At the end of this message…

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Leading Confidently In Times of Crisis

We’ve teamed up with the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford to host our webinar titled, Leading Confidently in Times of Crisis on May 20th at 9 AM EST.  There is no cost to attend. We heard you! Dealing with scattered teams, virtual workspaces, and stressed employees distracted by competing priorities is your new normal. These are…

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Are You Too Scared to Succeed?

If you ask anyone if they want better for themselves, they always say “yes” and they probably will lay out some specific goals and dreams. That’s the easy part. Now observe their behavior and that will determine if they truly are ready to walk down the path of responsibility and determination that success requires. People…

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8 Ways to Boost Your Career with Volunteering

One of the best ways to expand your network, strengthen your skills, and raise your profile is to find an opportunity to volunteer within your community.  Whether you do it as part of an organized company-wide effort or you seek out an opportunity on your own, giving back to the community is an additional way…

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How to Train Your Brain to Conquer Fear

We all want to wake up daily feeling fearless, achieving great levels of success. You want to look fear in the eye and make it cower from the strength and power you exude but you know you are so far from that reality. In your reality, fear has you up against the ropes beating you…

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