8 Ways to Boost Your Career with Volunteering

One of the best ways to expand your network, strengthen your skills, and raise your profile is to find an opportunity to volunteer within your community.  Whether you do it as part of an organized company-wide effort or you seek out an opportunity on your own, giving back to the community is an additional way

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How To Set Boundaries People Will Actually Respect

Early in my career, I remember a phone conversation with my boss that somehow descended into a profanity laced outburst from my boss.  I don’t remember the conversation topic but I do remember mustering the strength and courage to let my boss know that while I understood the situation was frustrating, I preferred not to

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5 Ways To Deal With People That Make You Feel Invisible

You made your point in the team meeting but no one acknowledged you even spoke. You told your significant other what you wanted but they ignored your request, or maybe you grew up feeling invisible all your life so you have become accustomed to being overlooked. There is truly a more rewarding way to live

HBJ Expert’s Corner: 8 Ways to Manage in a Multigenerational Workforce

Karen Hinds shared 8 keys to keep in mind as you manage a multigenerational workforce with HartfordBusiness.com. As a manager, do not get swept up in generational stereotypes. Strive to find the common ground and capitalize on the individual skill sets each individual brings to the table.

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